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  1. Should I Use Envelopes, Bags, Or Boxes For Ecommerce Packaging?

    Depending on the type of products you sell at your ecommerce store, you have the option to choose between envelopes, courier bags, or cardboard corrugated boxes for your packaging. Which is better?

    In this article, we’ll guide you through when you should use each type of ecommerce packaging based on the size of your product and the materials it’s made out of.

    When To Use Envelopes

    The best time to use an envelope is when you’re selling a product that’s lightweight and flat. Some items that could easily fit inside an ecommerce envelope include:

    • Photos
    • Greeting cards
    • Art prints
    • Jewellery that can lay flat, such as a chain necklace or bracelet
    • Fabric swatches
    • Headbands, scrunchies, and other flat hair accessories


    When To Use Courier Bags

    Courier bags are much more versatile than envelopes, as they can hold bigger and bulkier items. They

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  2. Which Type Of Packing Tape Should I Use For Ecommerce?

    Packaging Tape

    You've probably put a lot of thought into the packages you use for mailing your ecommerce orders. You've ordered the right type of mailing boxes for your unique products, with custom printing to match your brand, as well as carefully picked your packing materials.

    The one thing you may not have thought much about yet, though, is which type of packing tape to use.

    The packing tape ensures that the product stays secure within the package. It also helps prevent the package from bursting open during transit.

    However, not all types of packing tape are the same. Moreover, they each offer unique benefits, both in terms of securing your product and promoting your brand identity.

    In this article, we provide an overview of the packing tape we sell at U-Pack and help you decide which kind is right for your ecommerce packages.


    Types Of Packing Tape

    We sell 4 different types of packing tape at U-Pack. Three of them - clear, brown, and

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  3. Top 4 Ways Custom Printed Mailers Help Grow Your Brand

    Printed Mailers

    When you're an ecommerce retailer, you need to use every opportunity you can to grow your brand both online and off. Packaging is an excellent opportunity to tackle the latter.

    With packaging, you can custom print your mailers (as well as purchase uniquely colored mailers), courier bags, cardboard corrugated boxes, envelopes, and even tape.

    This may seem like an extra, unnecessary cost, but it pays off big time when you consider the top 4 ways custom printed mailers and other packaging help grow your brand.

    1. They Promote Your Brand Identity

    Brand identity is defined by Investopedia as "the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo, that identify and distinguish a brand in consumers' minds." Including these elements on your mailers and other parts of your ecommerce packaging supplies

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  4. How Sturdy Are U-Pack Cardboard Corrugated Boxes?

    Cardboard Boxes

    If you’re selling ecommerce products and plan to ship them using cardboard boxes, you need to be sure the boxes are sturdy.

    Chances are, many of your packages have a long way to go, especially if you’re shipping them overseas. You don’t want them to be made of flimsy, thin cardboard that will collapse, tear apart, or be easily crushed during transit.

    That’s why at U-Pack, we designed our cardboard boxes with special features that make them strong and stable enough to arrive safely at your ecommerce destination, wherever it may be. 

    3 Reasons Why U-Pack Cardboard Boxes Are Sturdy Enough For Ecommerce

    You can’t use a thin, flimsy cardboard box for ecommerce and expect the product inside to arrive intact to the consumer. So when we designed our cardboard boxes, we made sure that we incorporated the following three features to make them as sturdy as possible.

    1. Corrugated Box Design

    Our cardboard boxes come with a corrugated design, w

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  5. Packaging in promoting your e-commerce businesses

    Packaging in promoting your e-commerce businesses

    Importance of good packaging in promoting your e-commerce businesses

    Various e-commerce businesses are now advancing in rigid boxes to upgrade packaging and marking instead of just cloaking the product, putting it in a box, and delivering it. The main aim of improving packaging and marking is to make sure that the delivery of the product is safe and the promotion of the brand is effective. In addition to this, investing in packaging supplies and marking them gives a vast amount of augmenting to the benignity of the business. The customers are satisfied after receiving the product in top shape, this increases the chances of the customer placing future orders, thereby leading to an increase in ROI and growth of the business.

    Packaging plays a very major role in e-commerce businesses. Some of the important roles are listed below:

    • Reduces the overall cost of the company: Suitable packaging significantly helps in
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  6. What is the Difference Between Cardboard and Corrugated Packaging

    What is the Difference Between Cardboard and Corrugated Packaging

    When you’re in a business, you often have to ship your products. This is where packaging plays an important part. The type of packaging you choose will determine how your product reaches your customer. Depending on what you need to ship, there are numerous types of packaging to choose from. But the two most common types are cardboard and corrugated packaging.

    Unfortunately, many people often confuse the two to be the same. While they are both paper-based packaging, they have many differences and are used for different purposes.

    Cardboard Packaging

    Contrary to what many people believe, cardboard is actually a heavy-duty paper stock which is basically paper pulp pressed hot to form thick sheets. In its very basic form, it has a pale brown color.

    These cardboards are usually used in the packaging of consumer goods. For example, cereal boxes, milk cartons, shoe boxes, t

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  7. Make Customers Fall In Love With Your Products Through Packaging

    Make Customers Fall In Love With Your Products Through Packaging

    How you can make customers fall in love with your products through packaging.

    When it comes to raising awareness of a product or getting customers to buy a product, new or existing, the packaging box creates the first impression of the product, which would give the customer a more significant interest in buying it. The quality of the packaging boxes that are used to show and deliver your product is essential.

    There are things that you need to take into account when creating custom courses for products to reach your marketing and sales goals. Remember, it's about distinguishing your company and brand from that of your competitors, which means you have to do everything to stand out from the crowd.

    So here you have it; Ways to make customers fall deeply in love with your product through printed product boxes.

    Pay attention to color

    Regardless of the type or nature of the product you present, the use of packaging boxes printed

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  8. Packaging Trends

    Packaging Trends

    Packaging is a force that drives the business world indirectly. For sustainable business growth, not only are other conspicuous factors such as customer relationship, product visibility and others so important, packaging is also one important area that determines a whole lot of things in the world of eCommerce. The trends that sufficed for packaging in the past have evolved from what used to be termed as "generally acceptable" from the customer perspective to trends that majorly encompasses creativity and innovation.

    These days more customers are on the lookout for the value that products serve to impact, not necessarily what catches their attention anymore. Your ability to properly harness this will usher you into opportunities- to not only make strong advocacy for your product and brand but to also give your product the required protection it needs to stand. It is an established fact from research that over 80 percent of people think that companies, who do much more in protecting

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  9. How Packaging Plays a Key Role in Branding

    How Packaging Plays a Key Role in Branding

    If you think that just manufacturing the finest quality product is enough to increase its market growth, then you are very much mistaken. It is time for you to realize that product packaging has a significant impact on increased sales as well. In this article, you will get to know how packaging plays a key role in branding.

    Besides making your product attractive, packaging also protects the item from damage and mishandling during transportation.

    However, you have to make sure that you are strategically packaging your product to keep the experience convenient for the users and manufacturers.

    Why Is Packaging Important?

    Packaging is the first thing that goes past a customer's eyes while shopping in retail stores and malls. For instance, if you step in the toiletry aisle, and see a number of soaps displayed, you will definitely eye the one which has the most appealing packaging.

    This is because colorful and playful soap packaging attracts

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  10. Biodegradable Plates

    Studies have shown that pollution contributes to the damage of the ecosystem thereby gradually making it harmful to its inhabitants. Inappropriate disposal of materials like plastic plates, cups, spoons, metal plates and the likes daily increases the damage done to the environment we live in. If this is not properly checked, the healthy state of the environment will gradually depreciate and this will definitely pose a huge problem to everyone in the environment. Prevention is better than cure so it is better to check the issue of pollution and nip it in the bud before it degenerates into a greater problem that will be difficult to cure.

    It has been established that one of the primary rights of man is the right to clothing, food and shelter. We need food; healthy food just like we need air because it is critical to our existence. These days, humans have a lot of options when it comes to healthy food. A lot of people have busy schedules so even though they think food; they also consider

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