Ecommerce Packing Supplies

Do I have a Plan? India’s eCommerce leaders like Flipkart & Amazon stock & sell millions of SKUs online. Their products size ranges from thumbnail size micro SD card to huge appliances. Yet they somehow only use less than 30 different sizes of boxes to ship! They have done a great deal of research into coming up with the right size boxes that will minimize both packaging and shipping costs. So should you. Plan exactly what is required for the packaging of each product. Before the peak season starts you should know exactly the average time that it takes to pack each product. Remember you cannot improve it if you cannot measure it! After you know the TAKT time for packing you can start improvising and experimenting with different processes and equipment to speed up this process. Doing this will help you be better prepared for the dispatching of orders and lead times of peak time orders.

Do I know the peak demand? Many great ideas fail to launch because they cannot scale. Scalability matters all the more on peak season. It’s not just your IT infrastructure and back office that needs to be scalable. We have seen demands for some products shoot up as much as 100X during peak season. Do you know what your demand looks like in peak and is your packaging department prepared for this? This goes hand in hand with planning. Check figures from the same period in the previous year and add/subtract based on the current growth trend. Doing this will give you an insight of what will be required.

Is my Packaging Creative? Think inside the box! The online packaging industry is vast. Whether you are an online market place seller, have your own eCommerce setup, manufacturer or importer there will always be a requirement for packaging in some form. However, when it comes to packaging very few companies are actually thinking about the form design and functionality in creative and innovative ways. Many of you think that it is cheaper to have a one size fit all packaging. That may not be true for all cases. Remember every business is unique and the packaging must reflect and embody that unique message.

Is my Packaging Smart and responsible: One of the emerging strategies is socially responsive packaging. Today’s designers can be as innovative by creating socially responsive packaging. The idea is to reuse and recycle—both practices can be done by almost every consumer across the globe. How can you be responsible with packaging? Ensure your packaging is the right size for the product and choose materials that are recyclable and biodegradable.

Am I prepared for the worst? This is where Packaging Supply becomes critical. Your products are ready for dispatch but shipments are on hold for lack of packaging supplies! You had stock but the sudden peak in demand has led to stock-outs of packing materials. U-Pack is your partner when it comes to push comes to shove. In emergency situations, we will send our regular customers customized packaging with printing within 6 hours of order placement! With your own customer log in, instant stock checks and an online ordering platform with robust back office of our website, U-Pack is there for you when it matters the most.

Happy Packing!

U-Pack Team