Packaging Trends

Packaging is a force that drives the business world indirectly. For sustainable business growth, not only are other conspicuous factors such as customer relationship, product visibility and others so important, packaging is also one important area that determines a whole lot of things in the world of eCommerce. The trends that sufficed for packaging in the past have evolved from what used to be termed as "generally acceptable" from the customer perspective to trends that majorly encompasses creativity and innovation.

These days more customers are on the lookout for the value that products serve to impact, not necessarily what catches their attention anymore. Your ability to properly harness this will usher you into opportunities- to not only make strong advocacy for your product and brand but to also give your product the required protection it needs to stand. It is an established fact from research that over 80 percent of people think that companies, who do much more in protecting the environment, are the real deal.

There are so many ways to give your customers more "value". The new cool is having thorough know-how as regards Environmental friendly packaging because the way you box your products, ship them and get them delivered to your customers say a whole lot about your brand! Environmental friendly packaging deals with protecting the environment while simultaneously providing satisfaction for your customers. This is giving double to the customers. Proper packaging with environmental considerations factored in leaves a lasting impact in the minds of your customers and raises your chances for a continual purchase.It also makes your customers satisfied, having maximized value form their purchase.

So many advantages exist with the advent of environmentally friendly packaging and not only are the advantages restricted to customer satisfaction, but you also have a whole lot to harness from it, for your business at large. The use of various packaging modalities such as corrugated cartons, rigid boxes and folding cartons are considered environmentally friendly. One major item often employed in packaging is plastic but unfortunately, it is not environment-friendly.


  • Corrugated Boxes.
  • Rigid Boxes
  • Paperboard Cartons
  • More sustainable packaging- corrugated cartons are highly recycled materials in the world; therefore, corrugated cartons will most likely be within reach for your company to utilize. This will also help you meet up with the expectations of your customers on a sustainable basis. It is a win-win situation; there are customer satisfaction and environmental protection in one decision!
  • It is cost effective- research has it that environmentally friendly packaging saves a lot of money. You do not have to worry about the cost-effectiveness of switching from the use of plastic to any environmental friendly modality; you have a lot to gain in the long run.
  • It can work for basically any kind of product- whatever plastic packaging can achieve can be well adapted with environmentally friendly packaging modalities. Most of the void filled up with plastic packages can be done with corrugated packaging. It is definitely a multi-dimensional way to be creative and innovative for your company while doing it on very-low-cost, even lower than the cost of plastic packaging!
  • Low shipping bill. Custom-fit packaging is mostly made for your product and it eliminates excessive void spaces. This kind of packaging eliminates excess weight and in so doing, reduces the number of damaged products could be delivered to your customers, thereby paving way for you to end up with low shipping bill.

Corrugated boxes are also known as corrugated boards and their utilization in packaging procedures makes delivery a success, they also enhance the beauty of the product delivered, thereby heightening customer satisfaction.Corrugated boxes have three layers which are; a wavy layer (or fluted layer) which lies between two outer flat layers. The fluted layer is the layer of strength, to prevent sudden collapse. Corrugated boxes are often employed as shipper boxes to ship any company's retail-ready products. The products are shipped to stores over the world.

Customer products most times use corrugated fireboard in various modes such as the Stand-up displays or the litho-label corrugated box display- which comprises of a corrugated box with a label printed and glued to it-for products (most times, a single product).

Rigid boxes do not collapse and are also known as Set-up boxes because they stay the way they are constructed. Being utilized for higher-end products, they give extra support required for heavy and delicate products which require some form of extra support.

Paperboard cartons are also very common, yet environmentally friendly. They are folding cartons that are commonly seen at retail stores. They can be designed in different styles to achieve the desired results.


The importance of environmentally friendly packaging cannot be overemphasized. Listed below are numerous advantages you can derive. They include;

You will agree with me that are numerous potentials to be harnessed form environmental friendly packaging modalities, but it is of utmost importance to note that switching from an already existing packaging modality to an environmentally friendly modality might be no easy process, especially if the transitioning is structured to sweep across the entirety of your organization. However, it is worthy of note that making the right move is an essential motivation for business success and this move which will aid your business success.

The effect of the simple decision to adhere to a more environmentally friendly, cost-effective, but semi-tasking methodology of product packaging is not only the new cool; it is a one-stop step to impacting the world through several means. The world has had it with injurious mechanisms to its well-being, therefore your decision not only disables one little portal for further destruction, but it also opens up a means for an effective ripple of positive-feedback.

This is a great impact on the planet and the world of eCommerce. You can check out U-pack to be acquainted with many more processes to embark on, for your good, and the greater good!