Packaging for International Shipping

Packaging for International Parcels?

When it comes to exporting items out of India, it is imperative we pay extra attention to packaging. The marginally higher effort and cost we spend in selecting the right packaging pays dividend in the long run by reducing the chances of damage in overseas transit. You should take extra care in arranging their delivery as they will be travelling a long way. One of the best ways to ensure your goods will be handled properly is to use reliable and well-known courier companies, but all said the right packaging can make all the difference. Here are some tips from U-Pack to help you plan your international shipments.

Choosing Right Packaging

Depending on the shape and size of the items being exported, certain packaging materials will be more appropriate. You must have the right tool for the right Job. For example bubble lined Kraft envelopes are ideal for small items with sharp edges and odd shapes, while triple wall corrugated boxes are the ideal choice for larger items or when grouping products together. Edge protectors are also recommended to eliminate accidental board crushing in case the boxes are subjected to rough handling or heavy loads.

Protective Cushioning

This is a must for fragile and delicate items such as crockery, bone china, glass and other delicate items. You have to ensure that the edges of such items are not touching other items or the sides of the box when packaged. This will help eliminate that accidental chipping. Use cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, corrugated rolls, stretch film or thermocol bubbles to protect these fragile products during transit.

Add Extra Protection

It is important that all products are securely taped to avoid anything falling out or the items inside the package breaking out. Seal all the edges with bopp tape, covering any staples or metal fastenings with it too, to prevent couriers and other carriers injuring themselves when the parcel is in transit. If the package is really delicate it can be worth putting it in two boxes or double wrapping it.

Proper Labelling

Labelling all boxes being sent abroad correctly is a must to ensure your products reach the correct destination on time. Double check the address and print the same on the box. Avoid hand written labels. Make sure you check the label and information meets the standards of the country being shipped to. Always add a return address in case your shipment cannot be delivered or if anything goes wrong. Using a fragile sticker is advisable but not a necessity.

Weight of the Contents

The weight of the parcel has the greatest effect on the price of courier. Consider this before stuffing it full of extra cushioning materials. Although doing so improves safety but can also increase the shipping costs. Do a cost benefit analysis of your product when selecting the right packaging materials. Make the most of these tips when you send parcels and goods abroad to your friends, family and your customers!

Happy Shipping!

U-Pack Team