Packaging Tape

You've probably put a lot of thought into the packages you use for mailing your ecommerce orders. You've ordered the right type of mailing boxes for your unique products, with custom printing to match your brand, as well as carefully picked your packing materials.

The one thing you may not have thought much about yet, though, is which type of packing tape to use.

The packing tape ensures that the product stays secure within the package. It also helps prevent the package from bursting open during transit.

However, not all types of packing tape are the same. Moreover, they each offer unique benefits, both in terms of securing your product and promoting your brand identity.

In this article, we provide an overview of the packing tape we sell at U-Pack and help you decide which kind is right for your ecommerce packages.


Types Of Packing Tape

We sell 4 different types of packing tape at U-Pack. Three of them - clear, brown, and colored - are a type of tape called biaxial oriented polypropylene or BOPP tape. They come with a strong adhesion and will withstand high pressure as well as high temperatures - perfect for packages going through transit.

1.    Clear Packing Tape

Clear packing tape is always a smart choice for packaging. It's sleek, strong, and won't block out the custom printed branding on your mailers. It can also be custom printed to match your branding.

2.    Brown Packing Tape

There is not much difference between brown and clear packing tape other than the color. Brown tape is just as strong as the clear, and they cost the same amount of money. If you like the look of the brown, or you want it to match the color of the cardboard of your shipping boxes, then you may want to choose this option over the clear.

3.    Color Packing Tape

Colored packing tape is for you if you like to make a bold statement with your ecommerce packaging. It may be as practical for your budget, as it is slightly more expensive than the brown and clear options. However, it's sure to put a smile on your customers' faces and strengthen your brand identity.

4.    Double Sided Foam Tape

The first three types of packing tape are most useful for securing the exterior flaps of a cardboard box, an envelope, or a courier bag. The double-sided foam tape, on the other hand, is best used inside your mailer to stabilize the product.


Does Packing Tape Width Matter?

Along with the type and color of packing type, you should also think about the width. Tape can come in rolls anywhere from 0.45 inches to 3 inches in width. The larger your package, the wider your tape should be to provide maximum security and stability.


Packing tape is an essential component of your ecommerce packaging and branding. The type and aesthetic you choose could strengthen your brand's voice and identity for your customers.


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