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What is the Difference Between Cardboard and Corrugated Packaging

By Upack 1 years ago 661 Views 3 comments

When you’re in a business, you often have to ship your products. This is where packaging plays an important part. The type of packaging you choose will determine how your product reaches your customer.

Make Customers Fall In Love With Your Products Through Packaging

By Upack 1 years ago 346 Views No comments

When it comes to raising awareness of a product or getting customers to buy a product, new or existing, the packaging box creates the first impression of the product, which would give the customer a more significant interest in buying it. The quality of the packaging boxes that are used to show and deliver your product is essential

Product Packaging

By Upack 1 years ago 334 Views No comments

It has become almost impossible to imagine what our lives will be like without the many benefits of packaging. Yet as our global population grows in size and affluence, our collective demand for packaging materials will increase drastically

Packaging Trends

By Upack 1 years ago 384 Views No comments

Packaging is a force that drives the business world indirectly. For sustainable business growth, not only are other conspicuous factors such as customer relationship, product visibility and others so important

How Packaging Plays a Key Role in Branding

By Upack 1 years ago 409 Views 1 comment

If you think that just manufacturing the finest quality product is enough to increase its market growth, then you are very much mistaken.