1. Custom Printed Boxes at U-Pack

    Your Brand, our Box.

    Here are some great reasons to custom print your boxes

    Build Your Brand with Packaging

    Send a powerful branding message to your customers with U-Pack’s custom printed boxes. Your brand logo on the side of a box makes a greater impression than when they see your logo on magazine, billboard or a web-page banner. The person seeing your logo is holding it in his or her hand!


    Say goodbye to the plain, boring brown boxes and hello to beautiful custom printed boxes. A custom printed box clearly makes an impact on the customer. It’s unique and the customer immediately identifies with your brand and increases your customer’s view of your trust and p

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  2. Size Conversion Calculator

    Inch to CM to MM?

    At U-Pack, our boxes are measured and displayed in inches. However, many of us are used to measuring in the metric system.

    Below you will find a reference guide for converting these measurements across the imperial and metric systems.

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