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Unfortunately, many people often confuse the two to be the same. While they are both paper-based packaging, they have many differences and are used for different purposes.

Cardboard Packaging

Contrary to what many people believe, cardboard is actually a heavy-duty paper stock which is basically paper pulp pressed hot to form thick sheets. In its very basic form, it has a pale brown color.

These cardboards are usually used in the packaging of consumer goods. For example, cereal boxes, milk cartons, shoe boxes, toilet paper rolls, and greeting cards are made of cardboard. Typically, we do not use this type of cardboard for heavy-duty shipping.

There are various kinds of cardboards depending on how you process it. What type of cellulose fiber or pulp you use, the quality of pulp, to what thickness you press the pulp and the percentage of fresh fiber as compared to the recycled pulp. All this determines what kind of cardboard you end up with.

Some different types of cardboard are Cardstocks, paperboards, and corrugated fiberboards. All corrugated packages come under cardboard packages, but all cardboard packages are not corrugated packages. This is why many people mistake them to be the same.

Corrugated Packaging

Technically, corrugated packaging is similar to cardboard. But when you further process cardboard, it becomes corrugated cardboard. You can also refer to them as containerboards.

To specify, corrugated cardboard has two or more layers of paper glued together in a specific manner. The two main elements are:

  • The liner

It is the outer and inner flat board.

  • The medium

It is the paper between the two liners.

The medium is in the shape of arches or ‘flutes’ which actually gives the corrugated cardboard its structure and rigidity.

Different kinds of boards and flutes make up different types of corrugated cardboard. These differences determine the thickness and strength of the cardboard. To illustrate, shipping boxes, pizza boxes, and retail displays. use corrugated cardboard.

Corrugated Packaging Boards

The main difference between various kinds comes from the type of boards and flutes used. The four most common boards used are:

  • Single Face

The single face has a single sheet of linerboard and medium glued together. This is usually available in rolls. Generally, you can use it to wrap fragile objects within bigger boxes for cushioning and protection.

  • Single Wall

These have two sheets of linerboard with one sheet of medium glued in between. You can also refer to this type of board as a double face board. It is the most commonly used board as it is quite versatile. For instance, shipping boxes, as well as retail displays, use this type of corrugated cardboard. The walls also ensure that it is easy to stack, store, or ship these boxes.

  • Double Wall

Double Walls have three sheets of linerboard with two sheets of medium glued in between. The extra layer of medium and linerboard gives additional strength and structure. It is ideal for heavier objects and perfect for stronger shipping boxes.

  • Triple Wall

Triple wall has four sheets of linerboard with three sheets of medium glued in between. This is the strongest of all the boards. Due to its high strength and protection, it can substitute wooden crates for shipping heavier items. Industrial parts and produce bins also use this type of board.

Corrugated Packaging Flutes

The flutes between the linerboards have several purposes. They provide structure and padding to the cardboard. They also make the boxes more rigid and sturdier. In short, they keep the boxes well protected.

Moreover, the thickness characterizes the different flute profiles. Depending on their size, they are termed A, B, C, E, and F. A flute is the largest at 5mm thickness while F flute has a thickness of about 0.8mm. Larger flutes have steeper angles which provide more stacking strength. The more stacking strength it has, the more boxes are stackable without the flutes getting crushed and boxes falling over.

Similarly, flutes also play an important role in determining the ECT (Edge Crush Test) and Mullen Value of corrugated boxes. These values tell about the boxes’ stacking strength and how much pressure they can withstand before getting damaged.

Benefits of Cardboard Packaging

Both types of packaging have their own set of benefits. Benefits of cardboard packaging include:

  • It is a multipurpose packaging option.
  • Better suited for packaging high-end products.
  • Ensures better presentation. it is easier to print logos or brand message for a better visual appeal.
  • Easier to recycle. You can learn more about it fromhere.

Benefits of Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated packaging also has several benefits to offer.

  • Offers a high level of protection from shock, compression, and vibration.
  • Lower production costs and cost-effective as compared to plastic or steel containers.
  • Strong yet lightweight.
  • Highly customizable. Businesses can customize boards and flutes according to different product specifications.
  • Easy to recycle and eco-friendly as it makes use of recycled content.


Both packaging types have their own features and benefits. Hence, understanding the difference between the two types of packaging is very important for any business. Have a look at our previous guide on how to choose the best box to ship your product.

Choosing the wrong packaging can not only affect the product’s safety. Rather, it can also affect your brand perception if customers receive their product with the wrong kind of packaging. To counter this business need, make sure you analyze your customer needs and carefully choose the best packaging option. This way you can save on unnecessary business costs while providing the best service to your customers.

Check out thisarticle for more benefits of proper packaging.]]>
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<![CDATA[Make Customers Fall In Love With Your Products Through Packaging]]> https://www.upack.in/blog/upack-blog.html How you can make customers fall in love with your products through packaging.

When it comes to raising awareness of a product or getting customers to buy a product, new or existing, the packaging box creates the first impression of the product, which would give the customer a more significant interest in buying it. The quality of the packaging boxes that are used to show and deliver your product is essential.

There are things that you need to take into account when creating custom courses for products to reach your marketing and sales goals. Remember, it's about distinguishing your company and brand from that of your competitors, which means you have to do everything to stand out from the crowd.

So here you have it; Ways to make customers fall deeply in love with your product through printed product boxes.

Pay attention to color

Regardless of the type or nature of the product you present, the use of packaging boxes printed with premium and very engaging colors makes that product out of the crowd. It is not rocket science, but how things work for people. Beautiful things attract our eyes, so when you make packaging boxes with beautiful and exciting colors, the same thing will happen.

Tips: If you want customers to fall in love with your product, you should not only rely on packaging products to protect them but also what the packaging looks like as an essential concern for you. Create extremely new frames with bright and emotionally attractive colors. For special events such as Valentine's Day, products packed in red-colored boxes will surely win the heart of Valentine's Day shoppers.

The color must also be of high quality. Many professional printing companies use advanced and modern color techniques such as the CMYK and PMS colors, which makes their packaging boxes stand out.

The shape of the package

The shape of the packaging material has a significant impact. It can cause customers to fall in love with a product. Rectangular and square-shaped boxes are great options for storage, although packaging companies have evolved to make packaging boxes of any shape, size, and length.

Tips: You should not only make packaging boxes that protect the product against damage. Be creative with the shape of packaging for products that you make. The shape of the box should not only be unique but fascinating.


Color is not the only thing that can appeal to customers, but images too. When creating packaging boxes, you can use very compelling images to send a strong message about the product to customers.

The image must be bright and clear and also printed in bold on the packaging boxes to make them unique and fascinating.

Tips: The image used for cosmetic boxes can be for example from celebrities or models. There must be no doubt about the image. For packaging used for packaging and distributing products used by children, adding images of favorite cartoon characters can make them fall in love with your product.

The usefulness of the packaging boxes

Most people like to use their packaging boxes for other things after they have fully utilized the content. They can use it to store other valuable items. Most use it to store jewelry and other small valuables that can be lost if not properly stored.

In this case, customers would fall in love with products that are packed in boxes that they can use to store other items. Because of the uniqueness of the packaging boxes, they may find it attractive to buy the product.

Tips: Make packing boxes with a size that ultimately stores the product. The box must also be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the product on the shelf. The box can be rectangular or square. But it must be stable when placed on the shelf or when other items are placed in it.

If the packaging box is the kind that customers can use, try making it suitable for that purpose, even if you are considering cost-effectively protecting the content.

Experience without boxing

A question you should ask yourself when making a packaging box is, will a customer be willing to talk about the product and packaging with other people? And which part of the packaging box do you need to change to make them fall in love with your product?

In this case, color is also vital. You may want to try a color which can cause specific reactions to the human brain. For instance, you can choose a color like green. It represents natural and organic products. White is another unique color that can also create a mysterious effect and there are other options to choose from.

Quality of cardboard material

The quality of the cardboard used can also make customers fall in love with your product. Customers believe that products packed in boxes of high-quality materials are of better quality.

Tips: make sure the custom boxes for the product are made with high-quality cardboard papers. The value of your product increases when you pack it and deliver it in custom boxes made from first-class materials.

If the packaging is weak, there is a good chance that the product will not be viewed. Often a person makes a purchase based on the first impression and overall experience of the package.

You need to think carefully about which aspect of the design the customer lets the packaging share with friends and family and consider it a good value for money.

Try to use sensitive elements such as using specific colors to create certain responses to the human brain (for example, use more green for natural and organic products or merely black and white to create a minimalist and mysterious effect).

Other sensory elements which can be added include noise and odor. You want to help your customer through a whole experience before they reach the product and make a lasting impression and a reason for them to share on their social media.

Conclusion;When designing a packaging box, you need to pay attention to many different aspects. Also, you have totakethe form into consideration. Square and rectangular boxes usually are the norm because of storage; try to think outside the box.

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<![CDATA[Product Packaging]]> https://www.upack.in/blog/product-packaging.html It has become almost impossible to imagine what our lives will be like without the many benefits of packaging. Yet as our global population grows in size and affluence, our collective demand for packaging materials will increase drastically.

We need packaging to store and transport our products, to protect valuable goods, pass information to consumers and to preserve our food. The primary function of packaging, both in terms of functionality and sustainability, is to protect the product. However, energy and material consumption are raising giving rise to the need for packaging in the industry. This means that products and their packaging are designed from a systems perspective in order to meet demands of consumers.

Packaging is not only about designs; it is also about business models or business opportunities. If a large percentage of your products are damaged or spoiled due to poorly designed packaging, it will cause great negative impact on your products.

For the designer it is important toknow how and why you are designer a product before designing. So, you always have to check first: Can i make a product last longer? There are situations where you need to design products with short lifetime, and that is inevitable, so you have to make a design which fits that situation. For example: food you just eat and then it is gone so you cannot use it for a very long period. Same for the packaging around it: you will know upfront that it will only be used for a short period, so you have to design the packaging to fit that way.

The first design strategy we call Rethink and that’s about asking yourself the question:

Why are we doing this?

Why do we use this packaging?

Asking yourself the question might lead to new solutions for your packaging system.

The second one is Reuse and that is making packaging reusable.

The third one is Recycling.

The last one is called Renew and that is about using bio based content like paper, carton, bio plastics and natural fibers.

When to apply which strategy always depends on the product and client which is an important factor. It actually depends on a lot of different factors which is also a nice challenge for the designer.


Packaging is essential in our daily lives. Every day we take products out of their various package. From the smallest sized biscuit to the largest sized Tv screen almost everything comes packed. The following are the reason why we must package our products viz:

1. Protection

Protection of goods helps to prevent damages while the goods are on transit.You want your customer to get home with or receive their products at home, undamaged and in great condition. The items must be packed in a tight container or seal and they should be able to take a withstand little pressure. The package must be tuned to the contents.

2. Keeping fresh

Keeping your product fresh or tenable (longer), can be done in many ways now a days. Shrink film, cooling packaging, oxygen free packaging, possibilities keep growing. Handing your customer their fresh fish in a cooler bag is a great packaging initiative. Most fresh foods or perishables need to be kept in places that can preserve them for days or weeks before it gets to the final consumer.

3. Service

Even though people are used to it, offering a good package to your customer is a sign of good service. Whether you give your packaging away for free of you sell them, your customers expects to be offered an option to take their purchased items home.

4. Image

Your packaging is an extension of your overall image. A tailor-made suit handed over in a plastic bag, it’s possible, but people might frown on that. When your image is one of luxury or maybe innovation, you can show this in your packaging in many great ways. Is your image one of low prices, an economical priced bag is a better fit to your image.

5. Publicity

By personalizing your packages, for example place your logo on it, your brand is much more visible in the streets. It’s a type of “free” advertisement when people, for instance, carry your bag around. Especially when you have a complex logo sign it’s advisable to create a positive recognition of your logo and brand.

6. It Differentiates Your Brand from Others

There are thousands of products on the market vying for your customers’ attention. According to The Paper Worker, one-third of a consumer’s decision making is based solely on product packaging. To succeed, your brand packaging has to stand out and look different from your competitors. What is that unique feature that your brand has that differentiates it from the others. One of this uniqueness is your method of packaging. The way your package your product gives your brand a singularity over the others. Always package uniquely.

7. Product Packaging Is a Marketing Tool

Your product’s packaging can be a helpful marketing tool through in-store advertising. Branded products are easily recognized, so designing packaging with your logo front and center helps consumers remember your product next time they are shopping. Consider Your product’s packaging can be a helpful marketing tool through in-store advertising. Consider what your packaging is saying about your product and your brand. Is it good? Can it be better? It’s also wise to think about what messages your product’s packaging is conveying to shoppers and consumers. and your brand. Is it good? Can it be better? It’s also wise to think about what messages your product’s packaging is conveying to shoppers and consumers.

In addition, packaging our products has the following benefits:

  • Enhances the look , appeal and feel of your product and also grab attention
  • Makes your product more secure & safe for consumers
  • Improves shelf life of your product, keeps product fresh & Maintains your product quality
  • Helps in advertising about the product:5)Improves your overall product value thus leading to higher sales and profit for you
  • To Provide Customer Satisfaction With strong customer oriented approach, we as packaging consultant,have been successful in not just meeting but exceeding all the expectations of our customers.
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<![CDATA[Packaging Trends]]> https://www.upack.in/blog/packaging-trends.html Packaging is a force that drives the business world indirectly. For sustainable business growth, not only are other conspicuous factors such as customer relationship, product visibility and others so important, packaging is also one important area that determines a whole lot of things in the world of eCommerce. The trends that sufficed for packaging in the past have evolved from what used to be termed as "generally acceptable" from the customer perspective to trends that majorly encompasses creativity and innovation.

These days more customers are on the lookout for the value that products serve to impact, not necessarily what catches their attention anymore. Your ability to properly harness this will usher you into opportunities- to not only make strong advocacy for your product and brand but to also give your product the required protection it needs to stand. It is an established fact from research that over 80 percent of people think that companies, who do much more in protecting the environment, are the real deal.

There are so many ways to give your customers more "value". The new cool is having thorough know-how as regards Environmental friendly packaging because the way you box your products, ship them and get them delivered to your customers say a whole lot about your brand! Environmental friendly packaging deals with protecting the environment while simultaneously providing satisfaction for your customers. This is giving double to the customers. Proper packaging with environmental considerations factored in leaves a lasting impact in the minds of your customers and raises your chances for a continual purchase.It also makes your customers satisfied, having maximized value form their purchase.

So many advantages exist with the advent of environmentally friendly packaging and not only are the advantages restricted to customer satisfaction, but you also have a whole lot to harness from it, for your business at large. The use of various packaging modalities such as corrugated cartons, rigid boxes and folding cartons are considered environmentally friendly. One major item often employed in packaging is plastic but unfortunately, it is not environment-friendly.


  • Corrugated Boxes.
  • Rigid Boxes
  • Paperboard Cartons
  • More sustainable packaging- corrugated cartons are highly recycled materials in the world; therefore, corrugated cartons will most likely be within reach for your company to utilize. This will also help you meet up with the expectations of your customers on a sustainable basis. It is a win-win situation; there are customer satisfaction and environmental protection in one decision!
  • It is cost effective- research has it that environmentally friendly packaging saves a lot of money. You do not have to worry about the cost-effectiveness of switching from the use of plastic to any environmental friendly modality; you have a lot to gain in the long run.
  • It can work for basically any kind of product- whatever plastic packaging can achieve can be well adapted with environmentally friendly packaging modalities. Most of the void filled up with plastic packages can be done with corrugated packaging. It is definitely a multi-dimensional way to be creative and innovative for your company while doing it on very-low-cost, even lower than the cost of plastic packaging!
  • Low shipping bill. Custom-fit packaging is mostly made for your product and it eliminates excessive void spaces. This kind of packaging eliminates excess weight and in so doing, reduces the number of damaged products could be delivered to your customers, thereby paving way for you to end up with low shipping bill.

Corrugated boxes are also known as corrugated boards and their utilization in packaging procedures makes delivery a success, they also enhance the beauty of the product delivered, thereby heightening customer satisfaction.Corrugated boxes have three layers which are; a wavy layer (or fluted layer) which lies between two outer flat layers. The fluted layer is the layer of strength, to prevent sudden collapse. Corrugated boxes are often employed as shipper boxes to ship any company's retail-ready products. The products are shipped to stores over the world.

Customer products most times use corrugated fireboard in various modes such as the Stand-up displays or the litho-label corrugated box display- which comprises of a corrugated box with a label printed and glued to it-for products (most times, a single product).

Rigid boxes do not collapse and are also known as Set-up boxes because they stay the way they are constructed. Being utilized for higher-end products, they give extra support required for heavy and delicate products which require some form of extra support.

Paperboard cartons are also very common, yet environmentally friendly. They are folding cartons that are commonly seen at retail stores. They can be designed in different styles to achieve the desired results.


The importance of environmentally friendly packaging cannot be overemphasized. Listed below are numerous advantages you can derive. They include;

You will agree with me that are numerous potentials to be harnessed form environmental friendly packaging modalities, but it is of utmost importance to note that switching from an already existing packaging modality to an environmentally friendly modality might be no easy process, especially if the transitioning is structured to sweep across the entirety of your organization. However, it is worthy of note that making the right move is an essential motivation for business success and this move which will aid your business success.

The effect of the simple decision to adhere to a more environmentally friendly, cost-effective, but semi-tasking methodology of product packaging is not only the new cool; it is a one-stop step to impacting the world through several means. The world has had it with injurious mechanisms to its well-being, therefore your decision not only disables one little portal for further destruction, but it also opens up a means for an effective ripple of positive-feedback.

This is a great impact on the planet and the world of eCommerce. You can check out U-pack to be acquainted with many more processes to embark on, for your good, and the greater good!

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<![CDATA[How Packaging Plays a Key Role in Branding]]> https://www.upack.in/blog/how-packaging-plays-a-key-role-in-branding.html If you think that just manufacturing the finest quality product is enough to increase its market growth, then you are very much mistaken. It is time for you to realize that product packaging has a significant impact on increased sales as well. In this article, you will get to know how packaging plays a key role in branding.

Besides making your product attractive, packaging also protects the item from damage and mishandling during transportation.

However, you have to make sure that you are strategically packaging your product to keep the experience convenient for the users and manufacturers.

Why Is Packaging Important?

Packaging is the first thing that goes past a customer's eyes while shopping in retail stores and malls. For instance, if you step in the toiletry aisle, and see a number of soaps displayed, you will definitely eye the one which has the most appealing packaging.

This is because colorful and playful soap packaging attracts the customers. Mentioning the flavor or scent is also a plus point. The material of the packaging should also be durable and nice to feel.

You notice how a bar of soap is a very simple commodity yet its packaging matters a lot.

Packaging and Branding – An Ultimate Affair:

There are many features that your packaging can include to help you out in promoting your brand. This will ensure that you are a strong competitor in the market and can attract a larger audience.

Here, we will give you an explanation of how some things can add up to give you a better market for your products.


Providing relevant details about the product is extremely necessary for branding.

When a customer picks up your product, the packaging itself should work to advertise the product. For this purpose, you have to keep in mind that you are putting all the relevant details necessary to grab the attention of customers.

It is also crucial to mention the promising taglines that are easy to comprehend but compelling at the same time. In fact, anything that can positively highlight your product is a blessing.

Many times, customers are looking for "halal" products or products that are gelatin free. Thus, mentioning this on the packaging will make your brand stand out.

Edibles can also have appropriate details that will help create brand awareness. You can put Calorie Count Tables and Nutrition Facts on these products too. This lets the customer know about the ingredients and calories just at a single glance!

Innovative Ideas:

Packages that have a sleek design make their appearance better than other competing brands.

This goes especially for gadgets and watches. Their packaging is mostly so luxurious that it does not only make a great gift set but also increases market value.

Smartphones need to have smarter packaging because a small box has to house the manual, warranty card, charger, data cable, and similar other things.

Bringing Changes

Who doesn't like changes and varieties? It's actually refreshing to see the new packaging of a product that you have always used!

By using new and better fonts, color themes and various other graphical designs, you can take your branding to the next level. One such brand is Coca Cola, which has changed its bottle packaging massively over the past few years.

Moreover, it is important to make sure that your packaging goes well with the audience you are going to cater. Selling a product for children? Use animations for your packaging and certain flavors that are appealing to children like bubble gum, chocolate, and strawberry.

If your brand sells to elderly people, then make sure the font is bold and larger in size. This accounts for better readability.

Some products are gender specific, and you can use the colors blue and pink to help specify it.

Variety of Sizes

A range of products come with varying sizes: small, large, mini, travel, family size, etc.

When you allow your customers to choose from a variety of sizes, it increases your market growth. Having a lotion bottle that you can keep on your dressing table and in your bag at the same time sounds good, doesn't it? This is possible when the brands make the same product of a larger and mini size both.

Travel sizes of products like toothpaste, sanitizers and hand washes are also readily available. If you have a party or a movie night, then you might find yourself looking for a product that will fulfill all your needs, and this comes with family-sized products.


Let's be honest, how many times have you picked an item solely for the fact that it had a "FREE" tag on it? "FREE" tags have proved to be super attractive for customers and a very important strategy to get your branding to be effective.

Attaching a free mug to a coffee or tea bottle, a free toothbrush to a box of toothpaste or a ketchup bag to a mayonnaise bag are some of the ways in which you can actually gather a larger audience for your brands.

Special Editions

Occasionally, it's better to roll out products that have customized packaging suited to a certain holiday or some special day.

To illustrate, putting red hearts on chocolate boxes works well for Valentine's Day. You can also design the package with red and green confetti for Christmas. Hershey's chocolates come with a special green minty twist – a special edition for Christmas!

Some products sell better when you mention ‘limited edition’ in bold and red letters. But you have to come up with a spectacular marketing strategy to sell these products as well.

Packaging Durability

A delicate product requires a very secure packaging. It might also need a ‘fragile' sticker on the box to help overcome any damage during transportation.

If a product is not prone to damage, then the packaging doesn't have to be so elaborate. For example, if you are selling cutlery, then you have to invest a lot in safe packaging, but if you are selling toothpaste, then your work is super easy! Just a cardboard box and voila, you are done.

Final Words

There is no doubt that advertising and manufacturing of the product are two very important aspects for better brand recognition and increased sales. However, it must not be forgotten that packaging plays a huge role too.

To help sell your product better, you must be sure about the fact that packaging and branding go hand in hand.

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<![CDATA[Biodegradable Plates]]> https://www.upack.in/blog/biodegradable-plates.html Studies have shown that pollution contributes to the damage of the ecosystem thereby gradually making it harmful to its inhabitants. Inappropriate disposal of materials like plastic plates, cups, spoons, metal plates and the likes daily increases the damage done to the environment we live in. If this is not properly checked, the healthy state of the environment will gradually depreciate and this will definitely pose a huge problem to everyone in the environment. Prevention is better than cure so it is better to check the issue of pollution and nip it in the bud before it degenerates into a greater problem that will be difficult to cure.

It has been established that one of the primary rights of man is the right to clothing, food and shelter. We need food; healthy food just like we need air because it is critical to our existence. These days, humans have a lot of options when it comes to healthy food. A lot of people have busy schedules so even though they think food; they also consider convenience. Many people are educated and are working class; they do not have the time to prepare their meals so they patronize restaurants, fast food joints or other eating outlets. You are probably wondering the correlation between environmental pollution, food and this write-up, this is where Areca leaf biodegradable products come to play. They include plates and spoons which are very important when it comes to food.

Also known as Palm Leaf Plates, Areca leaf plates are eco-friendly which means that they are not harmful to the environment. Using eco-friendly products will cut down on the rate at which pollution is destroying the environment. Areca leaf biodegradable plates are made from the Areca tree. Areca Palm tree leaves when dried are the major materials used in manufacturing the plates with no added chemicals and this makes the plates compostable. Are you thinking of starting a fast food joint? Do you dislike the rate at which pollution is destroying the ecosystem? Do you want to give back to nature through the easiest way possible? If your answer is ‘’Yes!’’ then Areca leaf biodegradable plates is the solution you are looking for.

Some of the benefits you stand to gain by using Areca leaf biodegradable products include:

  • IT IS FREEZER SAFE: It does not crack or break when used to store food in the freezer. Food remains as it is when Area leaf biodegradable plates or other Areca leaf products are used inthe freezer.
  • IT IS MICROWAVE SAFE: You are sure you remove your food in its whole form when you use Areca leaf biodegradable plates or other forms of Areca leaf products. There is no need to get worried as it cannot melt when out inside the microwave.
  • SAME FRESH TASTE: Areca leaf biodegradable plates do not change the taste of your food despite being made from the dried leaves of a plant. It still gives you the same fresh taste as ever. So you do not need to worry when using it to store food items in the freezer or when used to warm food in the microwave.
  • NO NEED OF A DISHWASHER: By patronizing us, you do not need to worry about a dishwasher because it is a disposable product. Say no to the stress of washing and rewashing kitchen utensils; because you do not need to wash, it also saves you time. Get you Areca leaf biodegradable plates today.
  • SAVES SPACE: Because of their size and nature, they are sure to save you space after being arranged in your kitchen. Also, when they are disposed of in landfills, they do not take up space like plastics, foams and others because they are compostable.
  • IT IS RECYCLABLE: This means that if you do not dispose of them in landfills, you can recycle them. Either way, it proves that Areca leaf biodegradable plates are environmentally friendly.

Maybe you are not starting a fast food joint because you already own a bakery, catering outfit, coffee shop among others, Areca leaf biodegradable range of products is still relevant to you as it is a very cheap way to give back to the environment because it is very affordable (pocket friendly) and is made to fit with any type of food-related business.

As the popular saying goes, variety is the spice of life. We believe very much in this and so we offer a variety of Areca leaf biodegradable plates to suit your desire. They come in various shapes and sizes and we deliver according to your demand.

It is one thing to have excellent cooking skills and have the ability to prepare mouth-watering dishes; presentation of the food is another thing. The unique shape of our plates will guarantee that the presentation of your food will be excellent. Spice up the presentation and packaging of your food and go for Areca leaf biodegradable plates.

Areca leaf biodegradable products are not only used for business purposes, but they can also be used in homes or for picnics. So if you do not want to go through the stress of washing plates after a picnic then Areca leaf biodegradable plates and spoons are the options you should go for. They are not limited to only businesses that are food related, they are also relevant to the families.

In addition, Areca leaf biodegradable plates and other products are now easy to get as we now have them up for sale at the lowest prices you can think of. U-Pack online store offers these for sale and we are just an order away from you. We do not just offer organic and environmental kitchen utensils for sale; we also have different materials for shipping and packaging goods up for sale.

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<![CDATA[Is Bubble Padded Envelopes a Smarter Packaging Option]]> https://www.upack.in/blog/is-bubble-padded-envelopes-a-smarter-packaging-option.html How many times have you wanted to order that special, limited edition CD? Or those cute, dainty earrings, only to stop yourself at the last moment in fear of them getting damaged on the way? Or how many times have you had to ship something important and pay extra for a padded box? Just so that you can ensure its safety? We’ve all had to transport fragile things in the mail with our hearts stuck in our throats the whole time. But not anymore, because bubble padded envelopes are here to save your day! As a manufacturer or a brand, you also need to keep these customer concerns in mind. The good news is, bubble padded envelopes offer you an excellent solution to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

What Exactly is a Bubble Padded Envelope?

Bubble Padded Envelopes, also sometimes known as Jiffy Bags, are standard envelopes. But with an additional layer of plastic bubble padding along the inside edges to protect fragile items from damage during transportation. The exterior is usually made of paper, paperboard, fiberboard, or even a plastic film. For additional safety, you can seal it using either a tape, a gummed adhesive, or pressure-sensitive adhesive on the flap.

Benefits of Bubble Padded Envelopes

To convince you further, here are some benefits of bubble padded envelopes that prove it’s the smarter packaging option for you.

Economical Protection

The bubble padding inside the envelope provides a strong layer of protection as it prevents damage from shock, vibration, and mishandling. The padding also stops the object from sloshing inside the envelope by absorbing and cushioning any impact. Since bubble padding is cheap and lightweight, there aren’t any significant postal charges for the extra weight. This means that it offers a high level of protection at a low cost.

Suitable for Many Things

These envelopes are available in various sizes such as A3 paper size, A4 paper size, A5 paper size, and so on. Due to their different sizes, they can accommodate all types of things. For instance, you can use A5 size envelopes for CDs with cases and mobiles. On the other hand, A7 size envelopes are much smaller and suitable for smaller objects like earrings and jewelry items. The A3 size envelope is often used to ship clothes and even shoes. You can learn more about sizes and their conversions here.

Weather Resistant

Unlike ordinary envelopes or paper padded envelopes, bubble padded envelopes are entirely weatherproof. While water or moisture can damage paper, bubble padding is impervious to moisture as it’s made of plastic. This makes it perfect for shipping something in rainy weather.

Saves Space

Along with being cheaper and offering better protection, bubble padded envelopes are much more compact than traditional cardboard boxes. You can easily store them in any drawer or even purse when not in use. In contrast, cardboard boxes mostly end up using half your attic and basement. Not to forget, all the loose fill that comes with it which also needs occasional cleaning.

Environmental Impact

With global warming and environmental deterioration on the rise, a lot of individuals are choosing and giving importance to environmentally friendly products. But the good news is that even with regards to environmental impact, bubble padded envelopes are still a smart packaging option. We hope you remember the three "R"s commonly used in the manufacturing industry:




In the case of these envelopes, they reduce by using much lesser raw material than other packaging options like cardboard boxes which require corrugated fiberboard, tape, loose fill, etc. More raw materials used means more waste in the end which results in landfills and causes further environmental issues. Moreover, Bubble padded envelopes can also easily be reused as they can be opened and resealed multiple times and the packaging itself is sturdy enough to be reused again and again. In fact, Some specific eco-friendly bubble padded envelopes are also available. These are made with more than 30% recycled content, and can further be recycled with paper or plastic. On top of that, degrading paper sometimes ends up having a more harmful impact on the environment as compared to degrading plastic. Paper degrades much faster than plastic and when this happens in a landfill, it leads in the production of methane gas. This gas can cause more damage than an equal amount of carbon dioxide. Also, after the first twenty years, it can be about eighty times more powerful than carbon dioxide!

Types of Bubble Padded Envelopes

As mentioned previously, these envelopes are available in a range of sizes. But they also come in various types. Whether you need light protection or heavy-duty cushioning, there are a few types of envelopes to choose from. Some common types are:

Bubble Padded Envelopes

These are the simple envelopes which come with a basic bubble padding. They are lightweight with low postage costs. The padding is also strong enough to make the envelopes worthwhile for ordinary, everyday objects.

White Plastic Bubble Padded Envelopes

These envelopes get their name due to their white outer surface and a gray inner surface. The exterior is a plastic film and has a smooth finish. The plastic is easy to label and more importantly, it’s a good shield against water and tears.

Glamour Metallic Bubble Padded Envelopes

These envelopes feature a shiny, metallic outer surface, and bubble padded silver interior. They are perfect for shipping CDs and DVDs e and their shiny exterior makes it ideal for gifting. These envelopes also allow customization so you can get an envelope according to the dimensions you require. Check out some more types of these envelopes from U-pack if you’re still confused.


Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you will have to use the postal service for either business or personal matters at one point in life. When it comes to mailing small and fragile items, bubble padded envelopes are definitely the best out of other packaging options out there. They’re more effective than paper envelopes and cheaper than boxes. Overall, they’re resilient, eco-friendly, and provide value for money, so it’s time to give these envelopes a chance to win your heart.

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<![CDATA[Types of Packaging: A Detailed Guide]]> https://www.upack.in/blog/types-of-packaging-a-detailed-guide.html In a world where things are usually judged by the cover, the packaging is bound to be the topmost concern of conventional and e-commerce traders. Apart from being attractive, a package should be functional, durable, and should help preserve the product's quality until it reaches the buyer. This is what a business should aim for. The word packaging encases various meanings in a nutshell. Basically, it is the way you enclose your products to distribute, store, and sell. Similarly, packaging also refers to the logistics involved in transporting goods from one place to another. In this genre, packaging protects the products, transports them, informs about them, and helps advertise. Hence, having basic knowledge about packaging and its types is a must for all businesses. Here’s a detailed guide about the types of packaging and their respective uses.

Transport or Shipping Packaging

These types of packaging are the ones used to ship bulk products or smaller, inner packages from one place to another. There are many types of packages to ship products that can be customized according to the company's need. Here are some examples of shipping packages.


Crates and pallets are a very important packaging option for shipping. They keep the actual goods safe and help lift them off the surface to avoid any damage. Thus, protecting against dirt and moisture.

Vacuum Packaging

This is a great packaging idea for sealed products. Hence, it is a good option for food products. It helps eliminate bacteria and yeast. Also, vacuum packaging helps food stay fresh in the freezer for a longer time

Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is a versatile packaging option. You can wrap it around the actual product, or an entire pallet or crate of products. This can help hold them together and make them easy to move. Besides that, it protects against impacts, punctures, and abrasions. Also, it gives a unique visual appeal to the packaging. Most importantly, it’s cheap prices make it cost-efficient. Thus, it can reduce shipping prices greatly.

Shock Mount Packaging

For fragile items, shock mount packaging is the safest option. This is because it contains built-in shock absorption to protect the contents. In addition to that, it guards the products against vibrations, humidity, dust, and moisture. It is usually used to package electronic equipment or unstable chemical compounds. These are some of the packaging types used for shipping products. To learn more about shipping and packaging for e-commerce, have a look at this blog post.

Consumer Packaging

After the products are shipped to their desired destination, the next step is to transport them to markets and retailers. But first, they need to be packed here as well to make them easy to move and provide protection. There are many packaging techniques used to send products to consumers in bulk and individual form.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

These boxes are commonly used to pack and carry heavy items such as electronics, appliances, wine, fruit, and vegetables. Moreover, wholesalers use them to package bulk products. Besides that, they are strong and durable because of their layered paper material. Its main strength comes from the wavy ripple in the middle. They are called corrugated because of these ripples. Most importantly, these boxes are environmentally friendly. They can be reused and recycled for different purposes as well. These boxes are stronger and more durable than cardboard boxes but are usually confused with them. Read this blog post to pick out which box to use for shipping your products. Also, you can find out about different types of corrugated cardboard types in this blog.

Paper board Cartons

Paper or cartons box are usually used to pack single products such as shoes, crackers, toys, or breakfast cereal. This is because it is not as strong as a corrugated box, but is more lightweight and accessible. Besides that, its lightweight design makes it an ideal packaging device for on-shelf items. Also, printing and graphic designing are easier and more effective on this box. Thus, it can sport eye-catching and appealing profiles of your products while giving it a productive coverage. Most importantly, you can also reuse and recycle them in the form of arts and crafts and writing paper.

Paper Bags

Paper bags are the most common packaging items. Used to pack your groceries at the local supermarket, let you take-away your meal from a restaurant, and carry flour or cement, these bags are versatile. Besides that, paper bags help you save money, and you can get them printed beautifully to increase the aesthetic demand of what you sell inside it. Also, they do not contribute to environmental pollution as plastic bags do. Easily decomposable, renewable, and also recyclable to produce more paper, paper bags are a great choice for your product packaging.

Plastic or Polyethylene Bags

This is the cheapest packaging material available in the market. With that, it’s fairly durable and functional. Usually used for food, plants, flowers and newspapers packaging. Most importantly, it’s more commonly used, and most retail shopkeepers and small scale businesses use them as their basic packaging medium.

Bottle Packaging

You can use plastic bottles abundantly for packaging purposes as well. Mostly used for medicine, cosmetics, and other liquid products, these bottles are functional and affordable. In addition to that, they are space-efficient. This means they can help save space on your shelves. Similarly, you can reuse them for different purposes to prolong their utility. Besides that, it’s also easy to print advertisements and other details on these bottles. They are unbreakable, therefore ideal for liquids, as they will not break and create a mess in case of an accident.

Plastic Boxes

These packaging agents are an advertisement in themselves. Not only do they protect and cover products, but they also help showcase them as they are very effective. You can use them for items such as candles, toys, and products from other industries as well. In addition to that, plastic boxes are more durable than their cardboard counterparts. That is because a plastic box cannot be poked through as a cardboard box can. This provides better protection. Also, it’s more cost-effective than paper boxes. At the downside, it's not environmentally friendly or biodegradable. But, you can reuse and recycle it to do your job to the environment all the same. This sums up our guideline for types of packaging available for shipping and on-shelf products.

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<![CDATA[All Your Business Needs to Know About Packaging ]]> https://www.upack.in/blog/all-your-business-needs-to-know-about-packaging.html U-pack is your one-stop online packaging supply store for everything packaging with nationwide shipping on corrugated boxes, rolls, courier bags, packaging tape, dispensers, sheet paper, bubble wraps and more. Whether you are running an online store that needs ongoing e-commerce.

What are the first few things you consider when making sure your products are worth competing in the market? Some of these factors would be the product’s quality, price, features, durability, marketing, aesthetics, reputation and so on. But is that all?

What many businesses don’t realize is that their product’s packaging is a key element in deciding its fate, at least, in the eyes of customers. What’s the first thing customers see about a product? You guessed it right. It's packaging!

Let’s consider multiple brands that sell the same product. Customers will be more attracted to the brand whose packaging they find most aesthetically pleasing. This is simple knowledge, but for some reason, still overlooked by many businesses.

Studies have shown that 72% of customers agree that the product’s packaging influences their first impression of the product. But what counts as effective packaging? Tricky question, we know.

But don’t worry, because there are many strategies that your marketing team can adapt to make sure your packaging style is ahead of the game. Read on to find out all your business needs to know about packaging.

Connect With Your Customers

Your business will definitely gain brownie points if it’s able to form an emotional connection with its potential customers. And what better way to do this than catch their attention through your product’s packaging? The eye-catching images, slogans, color themes, symbols, etc. that are present on your packaging will have the ability to attract customers more than anything else.

Moreover, although temporary, but keeping up with the times through your packaging will also help your business. Is Christmas approaching? Add a touch of red and green! Is Valentine's day around the corner? Keep your packaging updated making your customers feel a sense of passion every time they set their eyes on your product in the store.

Make Your Product Stand Out

What really differentiates one product from the other? Why is one brand better than another? A major reason why Apple is such a celebrated product is its packaging. Don’t we just love how satisfying it is to Snapchat the box of our new iPhone and show it off in front of the world? The iconic logo of the apple on the beautiful white box is what makes the product stand out.

The packaging of makeup brands is an excellent example of how certain brands stand out more than others. When Jeffree Star reviews makeup brands on his YouTube channel, the first thing he talks about is the makeup brand’s packaging. If makeup is packaged in a flimsy way that can’t contain the product, customers don’t buy it.

Give Details

Ever noticed that products such as juice boxes, crisps, chocolates, soft drinks, etc. always have details about the product listed on its packaging? Its nutritional value, calorie count, ingredients, protein levels, sugar levels, etc. are all mentioned at the back of the packet box. This is an example of keeping up with today’s times. People today are becoming more health conscious and prefer to know exactly what they eat. If these facts aren’t mentioned, the product seems shady, and people don’t purchase it.

Same is the case with cosmetics. The formula and specifications of body lotions, makeup, cleanser, shampoo, face cream, etc. are all present on the bottles. Whenever a brand comes out with something new, such as a new cucumber honey formula, or a coconut honey formula, it is always advertised on the packaging. Hence, the packaging is also an effective way of marketing your product.

Make Sure It’s Capable of Containing and Protecting the Product

Once your product has been packed and is ready to be put in stores, it is important for the packaging to remain as good as new for as long as it stays on the shelves. For this to be possible, your packaging should be of top quality and highly durable. This is essential, especially for food items. Liquid items such as yogurt, cream, milk, etc. can be a mess if packed in a clumsy manner.

Food packaging in restaurants is also a good example. Many restaurants give due attention to the way they deliver food. Proper good-quality boxes with their brand logo and slogans on them not only make them popular but also improves their reputation in the market.

Sell the Product Through its Packaging

You may have noticed that when we go grocery shopping in a supermarket, all the products are stacked together. There’s no salesman trying to persuade us to buy the product. We’re free to decide and buy whatever we want. Here, the role of marketing and promotion is played by the packaging. Catchy slogans and taglines catch our attention and so do the striking colors on the packets and boxes.

This is why the marketing team in your business should be paying attention to package design and innovation. Not only does this increase sales, but also creates a good reputation in the market for your brand.

Make Various Sizes Available

Having one standard size of packaging is not favorable. This is because not everyone buys the product for the same purpose. While some may buy it for domestic use, others may buy it for commercial use or for hand carrying it while traveling. For this reason, your packaging should be available in various different sizes to make it accessible in all situations.

Vaseline is a good example of this. They have large sized lotion bottles for long term use. At the same time, they have tiny bottles, also called ticky packs, which are suitable to carry in your bag.

They don’t even leak which prevents the chances of liquid overflowing in your hand carry. Making these options available to your customers creates a good customer/brand relationship, making them come back for your products.

Conclusion: Good Packaging Goes a Long Way!

As we’ve mentioned before, the packaging is the first interaction your customers will have with your product. Making this effective and eye-catching will help your business to a great extent in creating customer loyalty. The above-mentioned strategies to make your packaging a hit among the customers are sure to help you reach your goal.

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<![CDATA[Packaging For E-Commerce]]> https://www.upack.in/blog/ecom-packaging.html 9 Reasons Why Packaging is Important in the E-commerce Industry

You must be thinking what packaging has to do with being successful in the e-commerce industry. The answer is, it plays a bigger role than our expectations, especially in an increasingly competitive industry. Simply put, good packaging can play a key role in the success of a business.

We are all living in the fast-paced world now, don't we? We really don't have time to buy, use, and compare several products before choosing the best one. No - this is not how the modern world works. Today, it is all about the first impression. If your product packaging is good enough, you will beat the competition.

Many businesses operating in the e-commerce industry are now investing sufficiently in their product packaging. They are coming up with new ways to make it more creative and aesthetically pleasing.

We’ve all heard stories about eBay or other international online retailers like Amazon have delivered products in unreasonably oversized boxes. This results in the damage of the product as well.

Paying attention to the packaging will not only ensure the product stays safe from damage, but will also mean multiple added benefits such as customers being more drawn to your products, helping largely in brand promotion, creating a good first impression, reducing costs and many more.

Here are 9 reasons why investing in packaging will substantially help your business.

  • Helps Cut Down on Company Costs

Efficient and strong packaging will help in cutting down costs to a great extent. The product will be safe from damage if it is packed properly. This will reduce the risk of it being sent back by the customer.

The company has to suffer extra costs when a product is sent back by the customer. This is due to the reimbursement costs that the company has to bare. It will also include an additional shipping cost.

This can be avoided by making sure that the quality of your packaging is good enough to handle the product.

  • Gives Rise to Customer Loyalty

Packaging plays a key role when it comes to creating a good relationship with your customers. It makes sure that they continue to order from your business in the future.

Customers will only take a few seconds to form an opinion. The packaging of your product is the first thing they will see, meaning the first thing they will judge.

Packaging adds to the experience of the user. It determines whether or not the product is easy to use. Bad customer experience has the potential to hamper growth, and a good experience creates customer loyalty. Customers even offer to pay higher than the original amount in some cases if you manage to impress them.

  • Increases the Value of the Brand

The packaging of the product has a great part to play in maintaining the quality of the product it carries. So your packaging shouldn't just be a plain box that carries the product. It needs to keep the product safe from tears or breaks.

All kinds of products require different customized packing. A food item, for example, can't just be delivered in any box. It's packaging should be temperature controlled. It should also be compatible with the food, making sure it doesn't become stale.

Paying attention to detail is what helps in increasing the value and reputation of the brand in the market.

  • Packaging is as Important to the Customers as the Product Itself

Research has proved that customers notice the packaging of the product as much as the product itself. The way you pack your products should be a representation of what the brand stands for. This includes its theme and its identity.

Clumsy packaging will leave a very bad impression on the customer, regardless of the quality of the product. This will prevent the business from turning into a brand name. Consider a renowned brand like Samsung.

Imagine if its phones came in dull brown boxes. That would substantially affect its brand identity and value. It conveys the message that a cheap cost cutting tactic has been used.

  • Expands the Customer’s Interest

Studies have shown that for multiple reasons, the packaging of the product increases the customer’s interest by 30%. This simply means attractive packaging is all about more business for the company.

Not having ever delivered a damaged product, earning a brand value which attracts customers, etc. are all a reflection of good quality packaging.

Good packaging has the benefit of achieving the strongest form of marketing. This is the company’s growing reputation through word of mouth. An impressed customer will definitely talk about their good experience with family and friends. That's free marketing in simple words.

  • Helps to Reduce Shipping Time

One thing that will annoy customers very fast is a long or delayed shipping process. A timely delivery can only be guaranteed when every part of the pre-shipping process is carried out competently. That includes the packaging too.

If boxes take too much time to put together and seal efficiently, then they can slow down the entire process.

Your business should have the ability to pack the products as systematically as possible. This will make it possible to give your customers the option of delivery within the same day as order placement.

  • Good Opportunity to Stand Out

Brown cardboard boxes is now considered a dull and unappealing way of packaging. Packaging is also your opportunity to stand out, using the design, color theme, and information you use on the package.

Seeing that your competitors don’t spend too much time on the packaging is your chance to be more creative and attract more customers. Offering your customers different packaging options such as classic, premium or environment-friendly packages will add to the success of your e-commerce business.

  • Good Packaging Brings the Customer Back!

A customer is sure never to return again if a damaged, torn or lousy box is delivered to their place. Spending 50 something dollars and receiving the item in an unattractive package can be a real turn off, so make sure not to put your customers through that!

  • Appropriately Sized Boxes will Cut Shipping Costs by 30%

Packaging will add to your costs regardless of being partnered with a courier service or shipping company. Packaging in oversized boxes is not only annoying for the customers, but it also adds to extra costs. This is due to the volumetric shipping charges.

Passing over shipping costs to customers is not a good idea either as it has the potential to hinder growth. This is another reason why paying attention to the packaging will help you largely in the long run.

Put Simply - Good Packaging Isn’t Just a Marketing Tactic!

Mostly ignored as just another marketing tactic, good packaging, especially when you’re operating in the e-commerce industry, has the potential to attract more customers, generate a good word of mouth, reduce company costs and you just read the rest!

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