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Buy 7 Ply Corrugated Boxes Online

Export Quality. Made on Fully Automatic Plant.

  • U-Pack's Triple Wall  boxes are strong enough to be a substitute for wood!
  • These boxes are traditionally used for shipping heavy duty items such as metal parts, chemicals, export, etc.
  • This type of corrugated design is commonly used for larger containers and heavy loads.
  • At U-Pack, Triple Wall boxes are the strongest form of a corrugated case made from heavy duty liner board.


Triple Wall - 7 Ply

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Buy Triwall 7 Ply Boxes Online – Lowest Prices in India

What’s the difference between a 5 Ply and 7 Ply Box? One word: Strength. The strength of a storage box starts with its material. A shipping box’s strength is relative to its density. The more walls there are the stronger the box will be. Depending on the size of the packing carton, a 3 ply corrugated box can hold 4 to 15 Kgs, a 5 Ply corrugated box can hold 20 Kg to 45 Kg, and a 7 Ply corrugated box can hold 40 to 100+ Kgs.

7 Ply boxes can also be used as outer shipper box for smaller 3 or 5 Ply boxes.  Au U-Pack you will find India’s largest variety of 7 Ply extra heavy duty cardboard boxes to choose from. Our 7 Ply packing boxes are constructed from three layers of ‘C’ flute, interlaid between four liner papers and securely stitched. These triple wall boxes are ready to tackle the most difficult packaging and shipping tasks while providing exceptional rigidity and crush resistance. U-Pack’s 7 Ply carton box are the ideal solution for protecting high value and large items from damage during transport.With a ECT strength of 45 makes these cartons ready to carry loads up to 100 Kg depending on the size and application.

Buy with confidence from U-Pack and get quality packaging materials and shipping supplies from boxes to stationary delivered at your doorstep across India.