Honeycomb Paper Bubble Rolls

Paper Bubble Wrap Roll

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    Paper Bubble Wrap

    15 Inch x 10 Meters 189.83 189.83 189.83 189.83 189.83
    Paper Bubble Wrap

    15 Inch x 20 Meters 316.95 316.95 316.95 316.95 316.95
    Paper Bubble Wrap

    15 Inch x 30 Meters 397.46 397.46 397.46 397.46 397.46
    Paper Bubble Wrap

    15 Inch x 50 Meters 555.93 555.93 555.93 555.93 555.93
    Paper Bubble Wrap

    15 Inch x 75 Meters 760.17 760.17 760.17 760.17 760.17
    Paper Bubble Wrap

    15 Inch x 100 Meters 1,058.47 1,058.47 1,058.47 1,058.47 1,058.47
    White Paper Bubble Wrap 15x10

    15 Inch x 10 Meters 264.60 264.60 264.60 264.60 264.60
    White Paper Bubble Wrap 15x20

    15 Inch x 20 Meters 442.40 442.40 442.40 442.40 442.40
    White Paper Bubble Wrap 15x30

    15 Inch x 30 Meters 555.80 555.80 555.80 555.80 555.80
    White Paper Bubble Wrap 15x50

    15 Inch x 50 Meters 777.00 777.00 777.00 777.00 777.00
    White Paper Bubble Wrap 15x75

    15 Inch x 75 Meters 1,064.00 1,064.00 1,064.00 1,064.00 1,064.00
    White Paper Bubble Wrap 15x100

    15 Inch x 100 Meters 1,481.20 1,481.20 1,481.20 1,481.20 1,481.20
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12 Items

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Boost Your Business with Eco-Friendly Paper Bubble Wrap

In the current era of environmental consciousness, your choice of packaging materials can significantly reflect on your brand's values. Opting for eco-friendly solutions like paper bubble wrap not only enhances the customer experience but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability.

A Sustainable Alternative: Honeycomb Paper Bubble Wrap

  • Honeycomb paper bubble wrap, an innovative blend of functionality and environmental responsibility, is entirely paper-based, making it biodegradable and curbside recyclable. This eco-friendly alternative offers excellent cushioning while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Its honeycomb structure, often referred to as hexcel wrap, provides exceptional strength and superior protection against shocks during transit or storage.

Enhancing the Unpacking Experience with Aesthetically Pleasing Packaging

Our paper cushion wraps, available in a pleasant white color, add an aesthetic touch to packages, elevating the unboxing experience. This stylish kraft bubble wrap becomes part of your brand narrative, unfolding as customers unwrap their purchases.

Ease of Use: Tear Easily & Save Time!

  • One standout feature of our recycled paper bubble wrap is its ease of use. This highly stretchable material tears effortlessly without the need for scissors or cutters, streamlining the packaging process for e-commerce, gift hampers, or delicate items like cosmetics and pharmaceutical goods.

Bubble Paper Roll: Versatility at Its Best!

Our eco-friendly wrapper, available in rolls, offers convenience and efficiency for packing objects of various sizes by cutting pieces to fit specific needs. This versatility makes it suitable for businesses across sectors, from small electronic gadgets to large household appliances. In today's market, informed consumers value sustainable practices, and they'll appreciate your commitment when they receive their items wrapped in our environmentally friendly cushioned envelopes. Make the switch today and contribute to protecting the environment—every small step counts!