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Popping it is one of life's great joys. Bubble rolls provide an effective way of wrapping and protecting goods from moisture, dirt, shocks and damages during transit. The bubble wraps impart an extra layer of protection around products within the shipping boxes or envelopes. With hundreds of bubbles providing cushioning power, you can be sure your products will arrive secure and undamaged. At U-Pack, you can choose from a wide array of online bubble rolls and wraps ranging from 30 to 120 GSM, width and length.

Bubble wrap rolls are flexible and versatile. Wrap these securely around any item and you can protect delicate items such as statues or electronics. Our bubble material absorbs shocks and provides a buffer that keeps the wrapped products secure and damage free during transit thereby reducing the risk of having to send expensive replacement items.

  • Lightweight, flexible and easy to use
  • Excellent cushioning while transportation of delicate items
  • Extended protection from moisture and dirt if the products needs to be stored for long period of time
  • Reduces damage of items. Items that are bubble wrapped have higher levels of protection as compared to other materials.

Bubble Roll & Wrap

Buy Bubble Wrap / Bubble Roll Online at Lowest Prices

The bubble wrap is a universally used product for cushioning products during shipment transit. This versatile, lightweight product is suited for a wide range of products from electronics to glassware.

Transportation of fragile items requires additional care. The item needs to be protected from all sides to avoid direct pressure. U-Pack offers different kinds of packaging materials to help provide protection to delicate items. Among them, bubble wraps and bubble rolls are one of the most effective in providing protection to delicate products. The air filled bubbles of the wrap are positioned with uniform spacing for uniform cushioning. At U-Pack you will find bubble wraps ranging from 30 GSM all the way up to 120 GSM depending on the level of protection required.

U-Pack is a supplier of packaging related products such as brown boxes, white mailers, Kraft paper, stretch film, bubble wrap, stationary and much more. Many of our products are made on our own manufacturing plants and therefore are able to control the quality of our products and provide lowest rates at the same time. Why buy substandard products when you can buy quality packaging material online direct at factory prices and delivered at your doorsteps. 24 hour shipping and free delivery on qualified orders.