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Bubble Roll Wrap at Wholesale Prices

The bubble wrap is a universally used product for cushioning products during shipment transit. This versatile, lightweight product is suited for a wide range of products from electronics to glassware.

Transportation of fragile items requires additional care. The item needs to be protected from all sides to avoid direct pressure. U-Pack offers different kinds of packaging materials to help provide protection to delicate items. Among them, bubble wraps and bubble rolls are one of the most effective in providing protection to delicate products. The air filled bubbles of the wrap are positioned with uniform spacing for uniform cushioning. At U-Pack you will find bubble wraps ranging from 30 GSM all the way up to 120 GSM depending on the level of protection required.

If you’re wondering where to buy bubble wrap packaging, then wonder no more! At Upack, we have all the varieties you could ever need, all kept in stock in huge quantities so we can keep our prices down and you can order and have it delivered just when you need it. All our bubble wrap products are available faster, cheaper and with huge discounts on larger orders. Bubble wrap is one of the most popular protective packaging options and it's easy to see why thanks to it's great value, ease of use and great protective qualities! 24 hour shipping and free delivery on qualified orders.