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Buy 2 Ply Corrugated Rolls Online

U-Pack's easy to wrap rolls are specially designed to wrap oddly shaped household products, office items, fragile parts, paintings, metal parts, glassware & much more.

  • Easily adapts to all shapes
  • For safe & damage free transit at economical cost
  • Raised 4 MM fluting provides extra cushioning and strength
  • Single Face in “C” Flute provides higher level of cushion and shock absorption
  • In stock and available for immediate deliver

Corrugated Rolls

Buy 2 Ply Corrugated Rolls Online in India – Lowest Prices

2 Ply corrugated rolls or single face rolls are a bonded laminate of smooth and fluted paper. These are ideal packaging material when it comes to wrapping large products for safety during transportation. Made from high grade Kraft paper, these C fluted rolls provide 10 % more cushioning than standard corrugated rolls available in the market. Being light weight they have a very low impact on the shipping weight of the product.

These brown rolls are 100 % recyclable and biodegradable therefore sustainable and environmentally friendly. Corrugated cardboard in roll form is ideal for protecting goods in transit as the corrugation provides excellent puncture resistance. These rolls are cost effective protective wrapping medium.

U-Pack offers corrugated cardboard rolls as one of the products from a vast array of packaging supplies ranging from cartons to office stationary. Most of the products are made on our own manufacturing plants allowing us to give you high quality materials at the lowest prices. Shop with confidence of money back guarantee and easy returns.