U-Pack Loyalty Program

Earn More as You Grow

Join our loyalty program and turn every purchase into points that pave your way to amazing discounts and offers.

How to Earn PackPoints

Action PackPoints Earned
Every ₹100 Spent

Beginner - 2 PackPoints

Bronze - 3 PackPoints

Silver - 4 PackPoints

Gold - 5 PackPoints

Refer a Friend Upto 150 PackPoints when they sign up
Friend's First 3 Orders Equal PackPoints
Sign Up Bonus 25 PackPoints
U-Pack Loyalty Program
U-Pack Loyalty Program




Tier Progression

Gold Tier: Spend ₹500,000+ and earn the most rewards.

Silver Tier: Spend ₹200,000 and watch your PackPoints grow faster.

Bronze Tier: Spend ₹50,000 and start earning more.


1 PackPoint = ₹ 1






* PackPoints expire in 60 days