Courier Bags

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Courier Bags

Buy Courier Bags Wholesale in India

Choose from a variety of sizes of  our tamper proof 60 microns courier bags, padded kraft envelopes and simple bubble bags. These light weight and quick to pack bags and envelopes provide a cost effective way to courier your products in a safe and secure way.

Sometimes called Plastic Mailing Envelopes or poly mailers these bags were originally designed for use by courier companies. These light weight online courier bags and pouches offer a cost effective and secure way to ship your products.

Manufactured using excellent quality LDPE (Low-density polyethylene), these bags can be over stuffed and will not tear easily. The adhesive strip on the top ensures that parcels once sealed cannot be removed from the bag without tearing the bag. The surface of these courier bags is specially designed so that it is easy to write on with a permanent marker. A clear POD jacket for inserting airway bill or consignment bill is provided on each bag. Choose from an assortment of sizes that fit your product size.