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Stretch Film

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    Price ea.
    25 100 250 500 1000+
    Stretch Film 23 Microns - 3 Inch Width (apx. 225 gms)

    3 Inch Width (apx. 225 gms) 210.38 201.52 221.45 221.45 221.45
    Stretch Film 23 Microns - 6 Inch Width (apx. 1600 gms)

    6 Inch Width (apx. 1600 gms) 501.17 420.98 501.17 501.17 501.17
    Stretch Film 23 Microns - 12 Inch Width (apx. 3000 gms)

    12 Inch Width (apx. 3000 gms) 1,007.58 846.37 1,007.58 1,007.58 1,007.58
    Stretch Film 23 Microns - 18 Inch Width (apx. 4500 gms)

    18 Inch Width (apx. 4500 gms) 1,412.59 1,412.59 1,412.59 1,412.59 1,412.59
    Stretch Film 23 Microns - 24 Inch Width (apx. 6100 gms)

    24 Inch Width (apx. 6100 gms) 1,899.00 1,899.00 1,899.00 1,899.00 1,899.00
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5 Items

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Discover the Power of Premium Packaging with UPack's Stretch Wrap Film

UPack serves a vast clientele from Mumbai to Kerala and beyond, establishing itself as a trusted online packaging supplier for small and medium businesses across India. With over 20,000 products and a commitment to next-day shipping, we aim to fulfill your packaging needs efficiently.

The Importance of Quality Wrapping Materials in B2B Ecommerce

In today’s fast-paced business world, where swift deliveries are crucial, the role of quality wrapping materials, such as stretch wrap film rolls, cannot be overstated.

  • Maintains product integrity: Our stretch films, made from robust HDPE, offer high load bearing capacity.
  • Fights against pilferage: Their sturdy nature deters unauthorized access and tampering.
  • Reduces operational costs: Stretch wraps can significantly cut down on operating and maintenance expenses compared to strapping alternatives.

Safeguard Your Products Effectively with UPack’s Plastic Wrap Roll

Ensuring protection during transit is paramount, making our plastic wrap rolls an essential choice. They offer not just external damage resistance but also protection from internal harm when multiple items are packed together.

  • Acts as a water-resistant cover, safeguarding your products against adverse weather conditions during transportation.
  • UV-resistant properties protect sensitive goods from harmful sunlight exposure, ideal for outdoor storage or long-distance shipments.
  • Dust-proof qualities ensure the contents remain clean until delivery.

Choosing a Superior Machine Stretch Wrap Roll: What Sets Us Apart?

Understanding the importance of swift processes in business, especially for bulk orders that require automated systems like machine wrappers, we offer our unique machine stretch wrap. This cost-effective solution minimizes manpower expenses and ensures uniform application for better stability than manual wrapping. Its high tack strength secures packages firmly, reducing the need for rewraps and saving time and resources. Also known as machine stretch, it’s valued for its strong adherence to surfaces without leaving sticky residues, ensuring a neat appearance. In conclusion, our meticulously crafted stretch wrap meets diverse industry needs effectively without compromising on quality or safety standards. For satisfaction and superior results, trust UPack.