Cardboard Boxes

If you’re selling ecommerce products and plan to ship them using cardboard boxes, you need to be sure the boxes are sturdy.

Chances are, many of your packages have a long way to go, especially if you’re shipping them overseas. You don’t want them to be made of flimsy, thin cardboard that will collapse, tear apart, or be easily crushed during transit.

That’s why at U-Pack, we designed our cardboard boxes with special features that make them strong and stable enough to arrive safely at your ecommerce destination, wherever it may be. 

3 Reasons Why U-Pack Cardboard Boxes Are Sturdy Enough For Ecommerce

You can’t use a thin, flimsy cardboard box for ecommerce and expect the product inside to arrive intact to the consumer. So when we designed our cardboard boxes, we made sure that we incorporated the following three features to make them as sturdy as possible.

1. Corrugated Box Design

Our cardboard boxes come with a corrugated design, where all the sides and the flaps are constructed out of fluted fibreboard sandwiched between layers of high-quality brown Kraft paper. The wavy effect of the reinforced fibreboard makes the box stronger and more difficult to tear or crush.

2. Single, Double, And Triple Wall Options

Corrugated boxes come with different wall options: single, double, and triple. The “wall” refers to the fibreboard. A single comes with just one layer of fibreboard, the double comes with two, and so on. The more layers, the stronger the box becomes.

That’s why at U-Pack, we offer up to triple wall or 7-ply corrugated boxes, so you can even ship heavy-duty products and not worry about the box coming apart during transit.

3. Edge Crush Tested Sides

Our high-quality cardboard corrugated boxes undergo an edge crush test (ECT) before we sell them. This type of test is performed in a lab, and it measures how much weight can be placed on the edge of a corrugated box before it is crushed.

Our corrugated boxes can withstand up to 32 pounds of pressure, making them strong and sturdy enough for ecommerce use.


U-Pack makes cardboard and corrugated boxes with ecommerce retailers in mind. That’s why they can always rely on us to provide them with packaging that will keep their shipments secure during transit. This way, the product arrives safe and intact on the customer’s doorstep.

You can peruse all our offerings for cardboard packaging, including gift boxes and carton boxes, on our online store.