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Buy 3 Ply Corrugated Boxes Online - Best Prices

Export Quality. Made on Fully Automatic Plant.

  • Upack's Single Wall - 3 Ply boxes have one fluted medium sandwiched between two sheets of Kraft paper.
  • Single wall boxes are suitable for majority of lightweight items being packed or stored.
  • If you’re sending items through the courier, single wall boxes are a cost effective option as they offer protection and they are lightweight.


Single Wall - 3 Ply

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Buy 3 Ply Carton Boxes Online in India

Corrugated boxes also sometimes misspelled as cartoon boxes or packing cartons offer a durable, versatile, lightweight and sustainable approach to packaging. Our online corrugated boxes combine structural rigidity with excellent cushioning capability. At U-Pack you will find the largest variety of corrugated boxes online in India. We have over thousand different sizes of sizes of brown and white corrugated cartons online to choose from.

Our 3 ply boxes offer an excellent value for money. We stock a range of 3 ply corrugated cardboard boxes that are on sale in our online shop. With smallest size starting from cube box 4x4x4 Inch, there is a box at U-Pack for every type of product. You can also use these as storage boxes in your home.

3 Ply boxes are lightweight corrugated paper boxes that are a cost effective way to pack, store and ship your products.  The small size 3 ply boxes can be used for packing various products from jewelry to toys, while the bigger 3 ply corrugated boxes work great as an outer shipper or for lightweight products.

With 24 hour shipping and free delivery to over 6000 PIN codes across India, buying from U-Pack is the most cost effective way to buy packing material online for small business and individuals looking to buy packing box online for personal use.